HTC Holdings Vietnam since 2007



HTC Holdings Vietnam has been expanded aggressively during the last seven years with the experience of serving to more than 50 institutions of all sizes in ASEAN and Africa, including commercial banks, financial funds, organizations and international groups. We supplies comprehensive software solutions and services that help increasing institutional performance and drive profitability.

Our portfolio of solutions includes:
+ Finance & Banking: ERP, LOS, FPT, CA, Collection, CRM, AML, ALM, Card Management and Switching Systems,…
+ Utility: GE’s Small World Electric Office
+ Security: PAM
+ Data: Data Governance, Data Migration, Data Assessment/ Quality

We differ from other solution providers thanks to our ability to understand our clients’ needs and customize products to fit their requirements, the capacity to deliver projects timely and productively to meet critical deadlines, our experience in implementing international projects and partnership as well as our pro-activeness in finding the best solutions for our clients.