Built for 24/7 operation and 99.999% availability

Fraud Solution is usually implemented as a cluster of three instances. Each instance is independently able to run the full production volume and together they automatically replicate all data. This “triple redundancy” ensures that operations continue even if an instance, a server, or an entire data center fails. It also allows for software and hardware maintenance without any disruption of production.


Horizontal and vertical scalability

Using a clustered architecture and parallel programming techniques, multi-core commodity servers are utilized most efficiently. Even low end Intel Xeon-cores deliver 1000+ transactions per second. Our customers operate up to 12,000 transactions per second sustained peak volume with Fraud Solution (financial and non-financial transactions).


Full configurability

All aspects of Fraud Solution are fully configurable from its web user interface. This includes payment instruments, data streams, the model data dictionary, and the actual detection models. This enables ultra-short implementation times (3 to 6 months typical), since Fraud Solution is configured according to the existing environment and not the other way around.


Fully accessible API and microservices

Used as microservice, all of Fraud Solution functions are accessible from the outside via https enabling any other system or programming environment to access and customize any of the Fraud Solution functions. This allows your data scientists to bring their preferred machine learning modeling and runtime frameworks, including open source, to Fraud Solution.

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