OneSumX for Risk Management

is contract-centric where data only needs to be collected once in order to measure all financial risks. The solution automates the numerous work-around processes that institutions have built to reconcile siloed risk outputs. This reduces the through-the-cycle time, and frees up teams to focus on more value-add activities. It also generates expected and unexpected cash flows based on anticipated events over the lifetime of a contract with events reflecting a macro economic outlook and market risk factors. Through this, a firm’s strategy and the expected behavior of counterparties are taken into account.

OneSumX for Finance:

The markets, the board, management, auditors and regulators are all asking finance departments to produce increasingly sensitive and detailed measures, often more quickly than ever before. With OneSumX for Finance solutions firms are empowered to streamline and automate the finance chain and better manage complex business processes. This is achieved through the implementation of strict and transparent policies.

OneSumX for Basel IV:

A modular solution that combines data, calculations and reporting can make a tangible difference in efficiency and effectiveness. This is especially true if your solution covers advanced approaches across all bank sizes and risk types, from credit to market risk, through operational, settlement, credit valuation adjustment, and counterparty credit risk. Whether you want to comply with an immediate regulatory requirement or benefit from a regulatory compliance solution that can help you run your business more effectively, the OneSumX for Finance, Risk & Regulatory Reporting suite can help.

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